Agata Uchman

Graduated from the ASP (Academy of Fine Arts) in Warsaw, Poland, with a degree of Master of Arts, where she studied in the Faculty of Painting and Set Design, working as a costume designer for opera, theater and occasionally for film productions.
„Agata Uchman has thought-provoking approach to costume through textile design, investigating the effects of textile textures, colors and patterns on the audience. Agata Uchman proposes innovative perspective that connects the fields of textile design and textile technology with costume design, interpretation and construction, and with performance making in the broader sense. Her work proposes textile patterns as a tool for creating new dramatic contexts and new visual narratives (…)”.   Sofia Pantouvaki PHD, Professor of Costume Design for Theatre and Film in Aalto University,Costume in Focus Research Group Founder &Leader
Agata Uchman participated in numerous international projects: film productions, artistic workshops and as an artist took part in some group exhibitions. She represented Poland during exhibition “Costume at the Turn of the Century 1990-2015” which took place in A.A. Bakhrushin Central State Theatre Museum, shown in the US too. The artist was also awarded by J.Kiepura Price for The best Costumes of The Year 2018 dedicated to music theater in Poland. Moreover Uchman got a grant from Kosciuszko Foundation for three months stay at George Washington University in 2018.